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Since our last Fall 2011 print issue, you may have noticed a significant scaling down and reduction of our new product introductions as well as VIP offers.

This reflects changes in North American product distribution which have resulted in dramatic shifts across the Canadian retail landscape with the resulting benefit of lower product pricing for many consumers. As such, we have elected not to feature products where our loyal customers might pay a premium for the same items available elsewhere for less. Further, we have also partnered with and featured our own items with other retailers such as Amazon.ca, as well as redirecting customers elsewhere for better pricing.

While we have significantly scaled back our operations, we are still seeking high quality, unique products that are reasonably priced relative to quality. These scaled back operations will continue for the foreseeable future, with us reaching out to you only when and if we consider something of worthwhile merit.

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HARSUN Coin/ Condom Case

Hand crafted from high quality bridle leather, these discreet cases protect condoms from abuse or possibly perforation in pocket or purse and also double as a very handy coin case that protects pockets plus from the increasing weight of coins used.  Reg $44.99 - Just $34.99 - Check for BK, Dark Tan, Wine or Green



HARSUN Credit Card Case 

A favourite for 50 YEARS +, is the HARSUN Credit Card Case. Custom crafted from the highest quality bridle leathers, this handsome case slips onto your belt to provide very secure, yet quick and easy access for up to 10-12 credit cards. We now have a limited supply of the most popular Black case back in stock. Tan, dark Green and some Wine left as well. $59.99 



HARSUN Leather Mouse Pad

Crafted from quality Bridle Leather, these luxurious Mouse Pads have a thick stay-put base
sewn on for added durability. Black or deep Tan.
#0361 - Reg $44.99  - Just $34.99


ShowerPure® Complete

Over the past 30 + years , the ShowerPure has maintained a favoured position in our product base
for most customers.  It filters out over 90% of toxins from shower water as well
as reducing skin and hair dryness.
#WN366  Complete $59.99
Replacement  cartridge - $39.99



Y-Split Liberator Cords

Extend your outlets with these Y-Split Liberator
cords that double each plug port into two. Great
for those oversize adapters that never fit.
#0327 - Set of 3 - $39.99


Hidden Wall Safe

Here's the safe that hides in plain sight...
as an electrical 
outlet! Perfect for
stashing those small, personal items while

still being conveniently available. 
#137 - Set of 2 - Reg $29.99  - Just $19.99


Porch Light

This simple, elegant and effective 6 LED Porch Light sheds a vibrant, glare-free beam of light just where you want it. It is simple to install, includes a motion sensor, and its head rotates for the perfect location. It also comes in four colours, making it easy to match with home design and finishes #10052  $49.99


iBeam Magnifying Watch

This is the perfect watch for restaurant or the medicine cabinet with its built-in  LED light and flip up magnifying cover that lets you read those dim restaurant menus or the small medicine labels on scripts. #0573 - $89.99


Miracle Face Soap

This is the acclaimed Face Soap for treating, healing and clearing Rosacea, skin cleansing and pore tightening for refreshingly tight skin.
#9943 -  $19.99 per bar


Pill Pouches

These Pill Pouches are the most sanitary, convenient way to organize and carry all your vitamin pills, medicines and other small items. FDA approved food grade materials, these reclosable pouches can be used over and over. Each pouch measures 2" x 3" and one pack contains a 400 pouch supply which lasts well over one year.  #WP277   $24.99


Thymuskin Med Gel
Hair Treatment

Praised through 8 German university studies, ThymuSkin has a long term, established reputation
of helping to treat baldness from a variety of differing causes.  Most popular is the concentrated treatment.
#14515  200ml med Gel Serum - $189.99
#4515  200ml med Shampoo - $124.99


Hot & Cold Therapy Wrap

This cervical Hot/Cold Therapy wrap covers both the neck, upper shoulders and back to bring soothing relief for stiff, tired muscles and achey neck. Cool it in the freezer or heat it with a short microwave blast for quick relief. 
Limited stock - #10525 - $59.99


NOZOVENT Nasal Dialator

This popular breathing device is a long time favourite of our customers. While a little uncomfortable to use at first, it appears to solve night time breathing issues for many.
#R173 Set of 2 - $19.99


Power Hook
Easily Hangs over 100 lbs!

Whether 1/2 or 1 inch drywall, these Power Hooks install in seconds with just a  hammer to provide sturdy, dependable support for pictures, hangings etc. weighing up to 1050 lbs plus. #08006 - Set of 10 - $27.99


Spine Worx

Simple to use Realign vertebrae to natural position Helps to relieve muscular pain, pressure and irritation
Portable and lightweight (2 lbs.) It's like a chiropractor in your home
#WP256  - $59.99


Pocket or Purse Pill Vault

This handy screw top Pill Vault hold most all the pills or vitamins you may need through the day, Includes key ring attachment. #09017  - Just $9.99


Traditional Shaker Oval Boxes

There's no more stylish storage on the face of the earth than these high-quality, hand crafted, Cherry wood oval Shaker boxes.
Set of 3 - #12003  $149.99 - Del $24.99




Dory Boat Basket

The 'dory boat' has been used for hundreds of years by Atlantic Canadian and New England fishermen. The traditional style of the classic Dory has been adapted into a useful basket for bread, fresh fruit or decorating.
Special Order  #12012  - $49.99   - Del $19.99 

Original Shaker Tea BOX
in Cherry Wood

Meticulously made the same way as the Shakers did for over 150 years with individual copper tacks and tiny wooden dowels. These Tea Boxes are carefully fashioned by hand from the highest quality cherry wood with a complimenting cherry wood lid. #12019 Tea Box  $64.99 - Del $15.99
Special Order - Direct Ship Item


Original Shaker
Oval KNIT Box

Meticulously made the same way as the Shakers did for over 150  from the highest quality cherry wood with a complimenting cherry wood lid.
Special Order - #12002 - $89.99 - Del $19.99



Heath House Metal Frame   

Yet another unique design from the Museum of Modern Art, this picture frame is sure to bring a dash of distinctness to any setting. This frame design is adapted from an art glass ceiling light in the entryway of the William R. Heath House, Buffalo, New York, 1903. Made of cast-zinc alloy with copper finish. 4 x 6 Frame 7.75"H x 5.75"W.
Featured at the Museum of Modern Art
#10015 Heath House Metal Frame  REG $49 /  JUST $34.99


$100 Water Softener
Uses No Chemicals and Saves

In only a few years mineral deposits in your home water pipes build up into hardened "scale". These deposits damage pipes, fixtures and appliances and impede water flow.  And, you may already know how disagreeable it feels to the skin and hair to wash with such "hard" water!  Fortunately, we have found the single best water conditioning device on the world market today. Remarkably, it's also one of  the simplest, most natural, and least expensive!




Cedar Oil Closet Enhancer
2 x 8 oz bottles Equals 16 FULL Ounces

Prevent Moths from nesting
and devouring your fine wools
Renew and revitalize Tired Cedar
or ANY Wood Closets

2 x 8 OZ Bottles for 16 FULL OZ. of Cedar Oil
Made from PURE Cedarwood and Cedarleaf Oils
Repells spiders, ants and other insects, Ideal For Pet Beds
Set of 2 #11001 $54.99



13 R171A

Wall Guard Protects
Your Car Doors

Door dings and chips marring your car's appearance? Put a  set of Wall Guards in your garage; it's easy to install, with holes 16" and 24" apart for fastening to wall studs. Includes all hardware to mount to drywall, studs, brick and concrete. Measures 25" X 7" X .5" Lifetime Warranty. #R171  Reg $



Water Purifier
When it comes to your body, you should be drinking the healthiest water you can. The reality is, the better the water, the healthier and fitter your body will be. Tap water may contain lead, parasitic cysts, non-pathogenic micro-organisms and unhealthy levels of chlorine — some of which can pose significant health risks to you and your family, while others make your water taste and smell bad. #09501  $179.99



AvoLoop... Kitchen Prep Tool

Here's the ultimate handy kitchen tool for quickly dealing with Kiwi, Mangos, Avocado skins and more

#14003 - Reg $29.99 just 19.99


Nik Nak
Lotion Applicator

Comes with 5 attachments for both extending its reach for feet and back along with pads a mirror, for creams, back scratching, foot care, callus treatment, etc.  #14512 - Reg $34.99   Just $24.99


Lighted, Folding
Travel Mirror

Ideal for slipping into a suitcase or travel bag, this collapsable, folding mirror offer 10X Travel Magnifying for traveling ease - #0680  Reg $34.99 - Just $22.99



The Razor Strap IS BACK!

Now, this traditional sharpening strap has been renewed in a convenient home version that lets you quickly sharpen and smooth today’s thin razor blades for a more comfortable shave. Using Razor Renew on your razor blades sharpens while extending the life for up to 10 times more shaves per blade. Also sharpens scissors and knives.
#13511 Long - $39.99  Short - $29.99


Variable Kitchen Timer

Limited supply of timers that provide (1 min, 5 min, 10min or 15min) times in green finish.
#10057 - Reg $19.99  - just $9.99


Bak Glo Chases Away Chills

The ingenious BakGlo ireflects warm comfort without chills.
Campfire cosie.  #12027  $14.99



Messless Offers
Stylish Charging

This ULTIMATE charging station recharges 4 devices at a time and includes 4 of the most popular connectros or a full complement of 10 connectors that double as travel adaptors for any USB source.
Only a few left #09516  $99.99



Bil-Lite Clips to Your Glasses, Hat, shirt-pocket -- almost anything!Yes, it's kind of cute. But Bil-Lil-Lite's no toy. In fact, it's made by the <b>leading manufacturer of precision medical headlamps for surgeons and dentists. 
#0338 - 19.99


Indoor/Outdoor Planters

Our exclusive line of decorative and versatile Copperglass Planters marries the rich patina of Real copper with the lightweight durability of fiberglass, utilizing the positive qualities of both materials. 20 Dx 16.65"
#0561  Reg $360. US - One left at $250.00 CAD


Ultra Nail Clipper

The wide, extra-sharp blades bite through the toughest nails with ease and a compartment Captures All Messy Clippings - #0632  $19.99




Nelson Mandela Framed Original Election Ballot

Own An Authentic Piece of 20th Century History! From the historic South African election of 1994 This one of a kind, unique South African Election Ballot secures and preserves for all timeMeasures 21 x 26". Framed Nelson Mandela Ballot + Tribute: WAS $950. Now just = $499.00



Gold Etched Watch

Custom made for us, these Danish design watches have been crafted out of stainless steel with flat snap-clasp to secure bands . Stainless steel bezel features a unique etched striping of matte gold on stainless steel and gold plate arms, crown and case.   Last one #WP262    Reg $149.99  - Just $99.99


Twin USB/DC Cup Holder Adaptor

Running DC devices has never been easier with this dual DC and USB cup holder adapter. Fits into most cup holders with a DC end to fit into either your main or console receptor and serves as a cigarette lighter adapter to power up DC and USB appliances. #11504  - $


Organize, Store &
Test Your Tests AAA, AA, C, D, 9V and button batteries as well. Mount it on the wall or in place it in a drawer
#0715  $19.99


Clip and Flip
Magnifying Lenses

These clip-on magnifiers add an additional 2.5% magnification for close reading, hobbies, medicine labels and more. Keep them close by for help with fine, small print, reading, needles, etc. set of 2  -  19.99


Create Your Own
Zen Space

Free your imagination and take a few minutes to relax and create a personal Zen Stone Garden. Measures 12x9” and comes with sand, stones and wood rake#0310  - Reg $60.00  Sale $39.99

K Heat1

HEATED Snow Mats

Limited stock Listing shortly 


Panasonic KX-P 3196

Dot Matrix Printer 9 pin - monochrome. BRAND NEW in the Box –
Reg  $499. Just $300.00




Secret Money Belt

Travel safely with these secret safe money belts that adjust from 32" up to 46" waist. An interior zipper pocket holds various currency, only you know. Measures  1.25" x 48.5"   #12006  - $39.99


Trains in North America

12 FULL DVD's - Over 22 Hours

#14519  Reg $99.99   - Last one  $59.99

RM114 Porsche C


This set of TWO Vintage Porsche Design Desk "jazz" Lamps In Dark Grey/Black are NEW but without their boxes. A set of these classical lights normally sells for well over $600. US   Toronto
FOR SALE • CAD $500.00


Super Soft Memory Foam

While our very popular Tush Cush Cushions have enjoyed years of popularity due to their dense, firm foam cushion material, there are others who enjoy the comfort of a much softer seat cushion and find our seat cushion too firm! We have some limited stock of these, soft, Memory Foam seat cushions available AND at a lower price as Memory Foam is more expensive.  Reg Price for these is $64.99, we have limited Stock for just -
#VS120  - $49.00 and FREE Shipping