WHol-Health Miracle Face Soap

This is the acclaimed Face Soap for treating, healing and clearing Rosacea, skin cleansing and pore tightening for refreshingly tight skin.
Final Sale – Personal Care Item #9943 –  $21.99 per bar – 3 Bars @ 19.99 per

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Miracle Face Soap Eliminates Parasites that Cause Rosacea, Blemishes and more!

This is the acclaimed Face Soap that our customers “LOVE” and often order by the dozen to ensure they don’t run out!
Known for treating, healing 
and clearing Rosacea. AND also just as well for tightening pores and skin cleansing as it offers refreshingly tight skin.

Face Soap Tightens Skin for a Clear Complexion
If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and thought you’re too old to be breaking out, think again. Blotchy skin and blemishes affect people of all ages! Here’s why: Scientists have discovered a tiny parasite called Demodex human, closely related to spiders that live in the pores of most everyone’s face. They feed on our skin and can cause irritation resulting in adult acne, blemishes and as the infestation becomes worse… Rosacea ..

According to the New York Times, most all of us are unwilling hosts for these intruding parasites, and their numbers tend to increase as we age; in fact, the only people who don’t have them are newborn babies! Severe infestations can cause a permanent, disfiguring condition known as Acne Rosacea.

People aged between 30 and 60, especially women, sometimes develop rosacea: red inflamed skin, with swelling, roughness and fine, visible blood vessels, usually in the central zone of the face. Severe cases can resemble acne, irritate the eyes and lead to the bulbous red nose seen in caricatures of the elderly.

Thousands have discovered that they can fight back against these nasty invaders with the award-winning Herbal Soap . Even people who have tried everything, including antibiotics, declare that our soap reduces redness, tightens enlarged pores and reduces dark spots so well that they call it the “miracle soap”. Teens with problem skin are washing with it. The WHol-Health™ ™Herbal Beauty Soap cleanses and tightens pores which leaves skin feeling cleaner and silkier. Customers are so thrilled with the results that they actually order it in bulk for fear they won’t find it in the future!

A growing number of consumers without these skin issues, upon discovering the cleansing properties now enjoy the benefits of daily washing with this Beauty Bar for tighter, smoother skin.

Often, the pores on the nose, forehead, chin and cheeks, become visibly larger. At a further stage, acne can develop, after some time, the facial skin can become red in places (rosacea) enlarging and damaging the capillaries, thickening the nose (brandy nose) etc.
Tickling sensation on the face. This occurs most frequently on the lower nose, forehead and cheeks, especially in the evening and night. This is the highest period of activity, usually when they mate. Many people are not aware of this tickle, because it starts gradually and it becomes an automatic reaction to scratch without noticing. You may have observed someone repeatedly scratching his face without realizing it.
Tickle on the scalp. Naturally, there can be also other conditions that give cause for scratching.Hair loss. In some cases, premature hair loss can be linked with extended demodex folliculorum activity
Widened pores. Starts usually on the nose and cheeks
Acne. Forms include pimples, pustules, papules, popular eruption etc
Red skin. Usually appears on the lower sides of the nose, forehead and cheeks
Itching eye lashes. Many times the eyelashes are thinning and falling out
Itching eye brows
Excess facial oils
Demodedic rosacea
Swollen nose
Final Sale – Personal Care Item #9943 –  $21.99 per bar – 3 Bars @ 19.99 per

Award-Winning Product 



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