ShowerPure®Water Filter – Complete

ShowerPure® Complete

Over the past 30 + years , the ShowerPure Shower Filter has maintained a favoured position in our product base
for most customers.  It filters out over 90% of toxins from shower water as well as reducing skin and hair dryness.
Leaving your hair clean, soft and luxurious and improving your skin tone.



Remove the Toxins From Your Water… Before Showering

ShowerPure from WHol-Health Clean Your Water Before it Cleans You. Most tap water contains chlorine that makes hair dry, brittle and unmanageable, and skin dry, flaky and irritated. In fact, while you are enjoying a nice hot shower, significant chemical vapours are both inhaled and absorbed through your skin from water disinfected by chlorine. These chemicals are harmful to your health. The ShowerPure filter reduces chlorine by over 90% at normal shower temperatures. Utilizing a filtering media called KDF-55, ShowerPure removes chlorine, lead, iron, hydrogen sulfide and also reduces fungi and algae. It also removes up to 70% of chloramine which is currently being added to some municipal water. Based on two showers a day, the KDF filter will last approximately one year. Enjoy softer hair and smoother, healthier skin with ShowerPure. Complete#WN366  $59.99  – Cartridge #WN375  $39.99
– Showerhead not included.
*(Personal Care)


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