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Razor Renew


Surge protector with telephone protection and 9 outlets to accommodate all your powerful devices.

  • Nine Surge Protected Outlets – Surge protected outlets with full power supplied to all
  • 10ft Heavy Duty Power Cord – 10ft power cord with a flat offset plug allows for convenience and space conservation
  • Child Safety Covers 



The Old Fashioned Leather Strop is Back!

Maintains the Sharpness of Razors, Scissors and Straight Razors!

Leather straps, known as Strops, once seen hanging on the side of Barber Shop chairs, were traditionally used to straighten and polish the blades of straight razors which required stropping at each use, due to the thinness of the blade. Now, this traditional sharpening strap has been renewed in a convenient home version that lets you quickly sharpen and smooth today’s thin razor blades for a more comfortable shave. Using Razor Renew on your razor blades sharpens while extending the life for <b>up to 10 times more shaves per blade.
Also sharpens scissors and knives.
As stropping the blade tends to re-align the indentations without removing any material, using Razor Renew on your blades sharpens while extending the usable life of most any blade.
Almost identical to the original straps, this North American strop is made of quality cow hide and given proper care will last for years of use.

Razor Renew Long
Recommended for use with all razor blades, knives and scissors with cutting area <b> more than 3 inches long
– Dimensions: 1.5″ x 21.5″, and comes with  an 8″ x .5″ Velcro connecting strip.
– Usable body/length: 12.5″



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