Favourite Products

Travel Mirror

Great 10X Travel Magnifying mirror folds down for traveling ease - Reg $34.99 - Just $22.99

AvoLoop... Kitchen Prep Tool


Ideal for Kiwi, Mangos, Avocado and more

Reg $29.99 just 19.99

Cedar Oil 2 x 8oz Twinpack

Ideal for closets, reduces pests, freshens pet beds and more as it renews tired Cedar woods and freshens all. $54.99

Nik Nak - Lotion Applicator

Comes with 5 attachments for both extending its reach for feet and back along with pads a mirror, for creams, back scratching, foot care, callus treatment, etc.  

Reg $34.99   Just $24.99

Hidden Wall Safe

Here's the safe that hides in plain sight... as an electrical outlet! Perfect for stashing those small, personal items while still being conveniently available.

Set of 2 - Reg $29.99  - Just $19.99

WHol-Health Miracle Face Soap

Award winning gace soap, cleanser plus

This is the acclaimed Face Soap for treating, healing and clearing Rosacea, skin cleansing and pore tightening for refreshingly tight skin. $19.99 per bar

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Good As Gold!

This celebrated book proves to be a great resource whether for the novice investor or  even the experienced by providing a sound understanding on both the basics and the reasoning for including this long revered and precious commodity in ANY portfolio.   $19.99

HARSUN Coin/ Condom Case

Hand crafted from high quality bridle leather, these discreet cases protect condoms from abuse or possibly perforation in pocket or purse and also double as a very handy coin case that protects pockets plus from the increasing weight of coins used.  Reg $4499 - Just $34.99 - Check for BK, Wine or Grn

iBeam Watch

This is the perfect watch for restaurant or the medicine cabinet with its built-in  LED light and flip up magnifying cover that lets you read those dim restaurant menus or the small medicine labels on scripts.



This popular breathing device is a long time favourite of our customers. While a little uncomfortable to use at first, it appears to solve night time breathing issues for many. Set of 2 - $19.99

ShowerPure Complete

Over the past 30 + years , the ShowerPure has maintained a favoured position in our product base for most customers.  It filters out over 90% of toxins from shower water as well as reducing skin and hair dryness.

Complete $59.99
Replacement  cartridge - $39.99

Power Hook Hangs Over 100 lbs

Whether 1/2 or 1 inch drywall, these Power Hooks install in seconds with just a  hammer to provide sturdy, dependable support for pictures, hangings etc. weighing up to 1050 lbs plus. Set of 10 - $27.99

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HARSUN Leather Mouse Pad

Crafted from quality Bridle Leather, these Mouse Pads have a thick stay-put base sewn on for added durability. Black or deep Tan. $ Reg $44.99  - Just $34.99


Spine Worx

  • Simple to use
  • Realign vertabrae to natural position
  • Helps to relieve muscular pain, pressure and irritation
  • Portable and lightweight (2 lbs.)
  • It's like a chiropractor in your home

Pill Vault

This handy screw top Pill Vault hold most all the pills or vitamins you may need through the day, Includes key ring attachment. $Just $9.99

Pill Pouches

These Pill Pouches are the most sanitary, convenient way to organize and carry all your vitamin pills, medicines and other small items. FDA approved food grade materials, these reclosable pouches can be used over and over. Each pouch measures 2" x 3" and one pack contains a 400 pouch supply which lasts well over one year.  $24.99

Neck & Shoulder Therapy Wrap

This cervical Hot/Cold Therapy wrap covers both the neck, upper shoulders and back to bring soothing relief for stiff, tired muscles and achey neck. Cool it in the freezer or heat it with a short microwave blast for quick relief. Limited stock - $59.99

HARSUN Credit Card Case

A favourite for 50 YEARS +, is the HARSUN Credit Card Case. Custom crafted from the highest quality bridle leathers, this handsome case slips onto your belt to provide very secure, yet quick and easy access for up to 10-12 credit cards. We now have a limited supply of the most popular Black case back in stock. Tan, green and some wine left as well. $59.99 

Even More!

ZUVO 5-Stage Water Purifier

The Zuvo Water system fits in any kitchen. (optional under counter faucets). The brushed aluminium metal finish becomes transparent when turned on, so you view the operation of the UV light) comes complete with hose and adapter/diverter for standard faucets and 6.5 foot AC power cord. Reg $200.00 - Limited stock at 125. - VERY limited supply of filter cartridges are $79.99

CUBE Timer

Limited supply of timers that provide ( 1min, 5 min, 10 or 15min) times in green finish for just $9.99 - reg $19.99

Thymuskin Med Gel Hair Treatment

Praised through 8 German university studies, ThymuSkin has a long term, established reputation of helping to treat baldness from a variety of differing causes.  Most popular is the concentrated treatment Gel.

200ml med Gel Serum - $189.99

200ml med Shampoo - $124.99

Twin USB/DC Cup Adapter

  • 2 USB ports compatible with Kindle, iPad and other tablet computers (5V 2A total)
  • 2 DC outlets
  • Simply plug into your vehicle's 12V outlet and plug in your electronics
  • Battery level indicator lights
  • Fits most cup holders in vehicles
    Just 19.99

Y Split Liberator cords

Extend your outlets with these Y-Split Liberator cords that double each plug port into two. Great for those oversize adapters that never fit.

Set of 3 - $39.99

Leather Money Belt

It's a comfortable and practical way to keep your money secure. Made from thick belting leather, but with a zipper compartment on the inside panel. It's the perfect place to stash bills out of sight of would-be thieves. Adjustable to fit a 32" waist up to a 46" waist.  one left in Black